Blocked pumps?


Source: Huber SE

If your waste water gravity drains to a pump well for collection prior to pumping for further treatment and you are suffering from pump blockages, Huber has a screen that can solve this problem.

This vertical screen can be retrofitted into an existing pump well and collects the solids prior to passing to the pump chamber. The vertical auger then elevates these screenings to ground level, dewaters them to up to 40% dry solids, and discharges them into a skip for disposal. A bagging unit at ground level fitted in a wheeled bin contains the screenings to reduce odours and vermin problems and avoids manual contact with the screenings.

The pump chamber is cleaner as the solids including the floating and sinking large matter are screened out before entering the chamber. These items often remain and build up in the chamber forming a raft floating on the top and sludge in the base both of which become septic.

The 6mm perforated screen will protect the pump or lagoon and is available in 3 sizes for flows up to 650M³/. It has a small footprint and an overflow incorporated in case of power failure. Screens up to 9.5m long can be built and frost protection is available as an option. Built entirely in stainless steel the screen is suitable for installing and forgetting, except of course to remove the screenings in a controlled clean way.

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