BlokAid Sewer Monitoring & Alarm Device is now IS Certified


Source: US - Utility Services

'us' - Utility Services has just launched the MkIV version of our acclaimed Sewer Overflow Monitoring Device - BlokAid. Packed with new features which provide increased flexibility, the BlokAid eSmart device is now also certified Intrinsically Safe. Fully self contained, the new BlokAid is revolutionising the way sewer chokes or overflows are detected.

Forget about the regular maintenance requirement and short battery life of other products and sensors... the BlokAid eSmart has a 10 year battery life and is designed to be put in the manhole with no ongoing maintenance requirement.

Fully self-contained, the BlokAid can be communicated to from your desktop to adjust configuration settings or upload new firmware.

Being used extensively across Asia Pacific, the BlokAid is a very reliable, easy to use alarm device that can send emails or sms messages to a number of nominated destinations, giving your operations crew the opportunity to respond before a spill occurs.

For enquiries, please contact Steve Webb from 'us' - Utility Services on +61 3 8788 4219 or email

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