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Blueair air pollution snapshot shows air pollution in Los Angeles and New York worse than in Beijing


Source: Blueair, Inc.

Chicago -- Levels of air pollution in Los Angeles and New York City were higher at times the past week than in Beijing, according to a snapshot survey in early March conducted by Blueair, a global leader in indoor air purification systems.  Using its Blueair Friend app that monitors outdoor air in thousands of locations across the USA and rest of the world, the Blueair comparison shows that Americans cannot take the health of the air they are breathing for granted.

'Beijing is notorious for the high levels of pollution in its air, but our snapshot survey of air conditions in New York, Los Angeles, and the Chinese capital this week has revealed the air breathed in U.S. cities can also threaten human health and wellbeing,' said Blueair Inc president, Herman Pihlträd.

Speaking at the Chicago 2016 Home + Housewares Show, Mr. Pihlträd said that while the survey only gives a snapshot view of the true extent of air pollution in the U.S.A, it nonetheless underlines the pervasive nature of air pollution that a recent British scientific report said is causing 5.5 million premature deaths every year.

Mr. Pihlträd said the Blueair 'Friend' app, which is available for both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, gathers data on an hourly basis from thousands of monitoring stations in over one hundred countries to deliver trustworthy information on local outdoor air quality.

Living up to its name, Blueair Friend also receives data from the newly-launched Blueair Aware monitor that provides a detailed view of indoor pollution such as fine dust and VOC's as well as temperature and humidity. Both Blueair Friend and the Aware connect wirelessly to the Blueair Sense+ air purifier to create an IoT 'home air defense system' giving users complete peace of mind about their air quality at home.

Designed to be the most clever 'smart' indoor air purifier on the planet,  Sense+ reimagines Blueair's renowned indoor air purifying expertise with a host of new features and benefits packaged in an exceptional out-of-this-world contemporary design. Sense+ has been given more air cleaning power to remove all the nasty stuff from rooms at home or at work, including dust, allergens, chemicals, viruses, and odors, and boasts an improved user interface embracing a WiFi strength-indicator, a WiFi button and a filter change indicator.

Blueair's visionary new technology is the world's first smart, fully connected, fully working indoor air monitoring, control and purification system that puts consumers in control of the air they breathe, at home, work and play, removing up to 99.97% of contaminants.  The three new products are now shipping out and will be available physically in U.S. stores such as Bloomingdales, Brookstone and Gracious Homes, as well as through Allergy Buyers Club and online.

'With the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, saying indoor air can be 100 times more polluted than outside, Blueair is making the invisible 'visible.' This empowers consumers to understand better their surrounding air quality, detect dangers and do something about removing allergens, asthma triggers, viruses, bacteria and other airborne pollutants,' said. Mr. Pihlträd.


Air pollution is behind over 200,000 early deaths every year in the USA alone, according to a study by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Contamination of indoor air has been linked in other studies to rising rates of asthma, COPD, Alzheimer's, and other diseases.

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Sold in over 60 countries around the world, Blueair delivers home and office users more clean indoor air for enhanced user health and wellbeing faster than any competing air purifier thanks to its commitment to quality, energy efficiency and environmental care. A Blueair air purifier works efficiently, silently to remove 99.97% of allergens, asthma triggers, viruses, bacteria and other airborne pollutants.

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