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Bluescope Steel Improve Ability to Report Environmental Data Using MP-5


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BlueScope Steel are a steel producing company with operations in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Oceana and USA. In Australia they operate Port Kembla Steelworks, an integrated steelmaking operation with an annual production capacity of approximately 5.3 million tonnes of crude steel. It is the largest manufacturer and supplier of flat steel in Australia.

For many operators of industrial sites, including Port Kembla, the reporting of environmental data can be a laborious, and potentially error prone process. Data may reside in a variety of data management systems and reporting can be a matter of data retrieval, manipulation and cutting/pasting into Microsoft Word for example.

Each Quarter the operation at Port Kembla produce an environmental report which contains a very large amount of data (see  table) and runs to approximately 175 pages — 165 pages of which are data from monitoring or derived from monitoring. Much of this includes tables and graphs and in some cases rolling averages are calculated and compared to threshold permissible limits. This can be quite  a task each quarter.

In 2008 Port Kembla purchased MP5 for the management of its environmental data. MP5 is a completely flexible data management tool which enables users to define variables and sample points/locations at which they collect data. In the former case these variables can be raw data (e.g. iron in mg/l in effluent and flow in m3/day) or calculated data (e.g. mass loading of iron in kg/day calculated from the raw data). Locations are also user defined an can be for example a borehole, an electricity meter, or a whole site against which site totals can be calculated for example on energy used or CO2  produced.

The systems are compatible with MS Office and so data can be manually exported into word or excel and shared as required. Crystal reports is also included as the reporting tool within the system and users can define any number of regular reports as templates to match the needs of regulators, internal committees, other external stakeholders or the board. Users can then populate and produce these reports when needed with a few mouse clicks. They can also be scheduled to be produced automatically and e-mailed as a PDF to defined recipients, or uploaded as an HTML file to appear on an intranet.

In the case of BlueScope steel the issue is to save on the person effort to regularly produce a very large report on a periodic basis. For other clients report templates have been produced to meet the needs of particular regional regulators, for example Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMR) in Arizona, USA as required by the Arizona Pollutant Discharge Elimination System. The reports can also be useful to share and report information in different languages where clients have operations in different geographies. All reports can be prepared by clients or via a report writing service we offer.  

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