BlueSky CleanAir goes green


Source: BlueSky CleanAir Inc.

BlueSky CleanAir, Inc. is proud to announce the new formulation of its highly respected fuel additive. BlueSkys’ new formulation is Green and 100% Biodegradable. After marketing one of the most effective non-hazardous fuel additives on the market, BlueSky has improved its formula to be totally environmentally friendly. BlueSky is registered with the United States EPA and Britain’s DEFRA. BlueSky is a fuel conditioner for gasoline, diesel and biodiesel engines, generators and boilers. It can save up to 5-20% in fuel costs. It has been used in Europe and the United States for more than 17 years.

Just one ounce treats 10 gallons of fuel or just .03 liters treats 37.8 liters.

Continued use of BlueSky provides:
An increase in fuel economy up to 5-20%
Reduction of harmful emissions – 25-90%
Reduces oxides of nitrogen, NOx significantly.
Lubrication to reduce friction,
Especially important with the new low-sulfur diesel fuel
Improved combustion,
Reduced wear & tear,
Cleans fuel system.

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