BNA Announces climapedia™: Premium reference materials now available on BNA’s™


Source: Bloomberg BNA

BNA is pleased to announce the release of climapedia™, a collection of premium reference materials, free and publicly available on BNA’s new, continuously updated, complimentary, and multi-media Web resource,™.

climapedia™ is a one-stop compilation of significant Web sites and reference sources from around the world on the subject of climate change, its business impact, and the varied measures being taken by national governments, regulatory government agencies, NGOs, and independent environmental groups to address the challenge. These sites provide current reports, official documents, and other information. climapedia™ is updated constantly by BNA’s expert editors.

'climapedia™ helps users find accurate, in-depth information about climate change and the responses to climate change,” said Larry E. Evans, managing editor of BNA’s World Climate Change Report and EHS News. “Businesses, governments, law firms, and journalists will find climapedia™ to be especially helpful in their work; but so will anyone seeking to learn more about how governments and institutions around the world are adapting in response to climate change.”

BNA’s climapedia™ offers coverage of the United States (climate change laws and programs of federal agencies, Congress, courts, and state governments); the Americas (major North, South and Central American nations); the European Union (the European Commission and EU member states); and Asia/Pacific (major Asia/Pacific nations). Hard-to-find information on international programs to increase energy efficiency; renewable energy options; “cap-and-trade” emissions trading; technology; corporate responsibility; footprint calculators; and research is also available. The site also has links to important podcasts on related topics.

climapedia™ is one of several complimentary resources available without a subscription on

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