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BNA Books` New 2011 Edition of `Spill Reporting Procedures Guide` Provides Complete Guidance for Control and Treatment of Accidental Spills


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ARLINGTON, Va., Nov. 18, 2010 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- BNA Books, a division of specialized news and information publisher BNA, announced today the publication of the  2011 Edition of Spill Reporting Procedures Guide, which has been an indispensable industry tool since 1984.

The Guide, authored by Jeffrey J. Kimmel, a regulatory analyst, consultant, and former senior writer for BNA's Environment Reporter, provides facility managers, engineers, and environmental compliance officers with the essential information they need in order to report hazardous materials spills in land, air, and water promptly and completely to appropriate federal and state offices. It includes the verbal and written reporting requirements for oil, hazardous substances, hazardous wastes, hazardous materials, excess air emissions, wastewater incursions, tank leaks, and SARA Title III.

The 2011 Editionhas been revised with eight updated forms and eleven new forms for reporting incidents to state and federal authorities, along with online reporting information. These updates include:

New Forms:

  • Alaska: Tank Leak summary form
  • Arizona: Tank Leak status report form
  • California: Tank Leak report form
  • Kansas: Hazardous Substances incident report from
  • Montana: Initial Tank Leak report form
  • North Carolina: Excess Emissions report form
  • North Carolina: Bypass/upset report form for Wastewater Excursions
  • Ohio: Bypass/upset report form for Wastewater Excursions
  • Ohio: Limit exceedance report form for Wastewater Excursions
  • Oklahoma: Spill report form under SARA Title III
  • Oregon: Tank Leak (petroleum) incident report


Updated Forms: 

  • Federal: DOT/PHMSA F 7000-1 form for Oil incidents
  • Delaware: State spill form
  • Iowa: State spill form
  • Maine: State spill form
  • New Mexico: Tank Leak form
  • South Dakota: State spill form
  • Washington: State spill form
  • Wisconsin: State spill form


The 2011 Edition also includes the changes to Delaware's general spill and Tank Leak reporting requirements; the extended general period for reporting Tank Leaks in Hawaii; additional requirements and indicators for suspected Tank Leaks in New Jersey; New Mexico's revised reporting requirements for Hazardous Substances, Hazardous Wastes, Oil incidents; and the revised listing of information requested for Hazardous Substances incidents in South Carolina.    

In addition to covering the legal requirements, Spill Reporting Procedures Guide'sfederal and state jurisdictional sections also contain 24-hour hotline numbers; notification deadlines; jurisdictional maps and directories; sample reporting forms; and the telephone numbers and addresses of spill reporting offices, environmental protection agencies, police departments, state oil and gas commissions, and highway patrols. Numerous other changes and updates to state and federal reporting requirements and regulatory citations are also included.

BNA is a leading private publisher of news and information products for professionals in law and business. In addition to Spill Reporting Procedures Guide, BNA's Book Division publishes Directory of State and Federal Courts, Judges, and Clerks and other titles in legal specialties.  For a free BNA Books catalog, call 1-800-960-1220 or send an e-mail request to The BNA Books website, including an online catalog, can be found at

Spill Reporting Procedures Guide may be purchased (260 pp. Looseleaf with Binder and Tabs/Order #9920-PREL10/$295.00 plus tax, shipping, and handling) or the pages only (646 pp. Looseleaf/Order #1920-PREL10/$235.00 plus tax, shipping, and handling) may be purchased from BNA Books, PO Box 7814, Edison, NJ 08818-7814. Telephone orders: 1-800-960-1220. Fax orders: 732-346-1624. A 10 percent discount is available on print copies of books when ordering from the website. Please note that discounts cannot be combined.

To order Spill Reporting Procedures Guide on the web (1-5 users/$450.00; 6-10 users/$515.00; 11-20 users/$620.00; 21-30 users/$750.00; 31+ users/$895.00; Multi-location/additional $100.00 per location) please visit online at

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