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BNA launches global auditor in partnership with Enhesa


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Specialized news and information   publisher BNA, in partnership with the Brussels-based global consulting firm ENHESA, has announced the launch of BNA Global Auditor, a Web-based tool that allows companies to perform environment, health and  safety compliance audits for their operations around the world.

The new BNA Global Auditor is based on the same platform used in the popular BNA Auditor for U.S. jurisdictions. BNA and ENHESA worked together to answer customer demand for a global auditing product. BNA Global Auditor allows users to perform easy online applicability analysis and develop audit checklists and compliance guides for almost 130 global jurisdictions. Many are available not only in English but also in the native language. More than 35 countries are updated several times a year to keep users up-to-date on regulatory changes that affect their facilities worldwide.           

“Customers can now leverage the power of the tested BNA Auditor platform to verify and ensure global compliance,” said Robert Shew, BNA Vice President and Group Publisher, HR & Payroll/EHS.  “The new product includes access to ENHESA’s entire suite of premium content, including  scorecards, native language versions, glossaries, guide notes, regional alerts, and links to regulatory lists and detailed updates.”

ENHESA and BNA have collaborated for more than six years on acclaimed  lobal information products like the Global EHS Library and the EHS Global Alert. BNA and ENHESA are pleased to announce the expansion of this successful collaboration to the Audit Protocols. Thierry Dumortier, managing director of ENHESA, said that working together with a leading publisher such as BNA has helped ENHESA reach a much wider audience.

'Combining the flexible web-based BNA Auditor with over 130 international Audit Protocols from ENHESA brings a new superior tool to the market', said ENHESA Director Paul Beatley. 'Corporate audit programs are an essential element of ensuring EHS regulatory compliance.  Companies have a reputation to protect, and failure to comply with EHS regulations exposes companies to major liabilities and the risk of business disruption.  EHS compliance becomes even more important with the international trend towards heightened enforcement and increased empowerment of the public and interest organizations. The current economic climate also makes it essential for audit managers to find new ways and tools to make their audit programs more cost efficient.  The combination of the ENHESA Audit Protocols and BNA Auditor helps them to do so.'

BNA Global Auditor brings the best of BNA and ENHESA together to provide customers the fastest, most efficient, most updated, and most complete global auditing system available on the market today.


ENHESA is the leading provider of global environmental, health and safety regulatory compliance assurance support to business worldwide. For more than 20 years ENHESA has been helping its clients ensure ongoing compliance.  ENHESA’s services help business to systematically identify and understand the EHS regulations they have to comply with, keep ahead of the latest regulatory and policy developments, and implement systems to verify and ensure compliance.  ENHESA services  cover both operations as well as products in more than 130 countries. This is made possible with ENHESA’s unique core team of 60 international EHS regulatory experts in its main offices in Washington DC and Brussels, backed up by a strong local network around the globe.

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