BNA launches world climate change report and


Source: Bloomberg BNA

Climate change, along with its implications for nearly every industry in every economy in the world, has become a major driver for business. Strict regulations are expected as the United States joins other nations in a concerted effort to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases that cause global warming. In response, BNA today announced the launch of World Climate Change Report and, two new resources for executives, attorneys, consultants, and government policy makers working in the many different fields that must, together, help the nation shape and manage its response to climate change.

World Climate Change Report offers readers information on emissions trading, emission-management tools like carbon credits for investments in technology that lower energy use, climate change mitigation projects, and enforcement/litigation issues. The publication supplements its basic offerings to subscribers with interviews with key players, real-time information from carbon emissions credit markets, video extras of important hearings and events, and notice of industry initiatives and insights.

State and local governments have been taking the lead on creating climate change legislation in the U.S., and World Climate Change Report will cover the latest developments in state, as well as federal and international news. Offering background reports, reference materials, headlines, and links to resources across the Web, World Climate Change Report combines the utility and information-rich resources of the free Web with the power and authority of BNA’s renowned news services. Attorneys and their clients in myriad industries will find World Climate Change Report to be a must-have resource for direct access to the latest developments, along with clear business and legal analysis.

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