BNA releases spanish/english bilingual safety talks, posters, and playing cards


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Specialized news and information  publisher BNA is pleased to announce the addition of Spanish/English    bilingual safety talks, posters, and playing cards to its EHS product  line. These bilingual materials help safety professionals build a comprehensive safety program by addressing the potential hazards most  likely to cause serious incidents in the workplace. The bilingual  presentation of safety topics also helps foster open communication and   dialogue.                                                              

“With BNA’s bilingual safety talks and posters, you can decide which  safety messages are most important to communicate to your staff,” said   Grace Gagnet, Certified Safety Professional and President of AFA Safety  Services, Inc. “Choose from hundreds of safety talks and posters to  find exactly the topics that target your workplace conditions. Then  reinforce your key safety messages from the talks with bilingual posters. BNA’s laminated posters are perfect for long-term projects. If workers are spread out geographically, you can download and print out   electronic posters for remote locations and short-term use. The  bilingual safety playing cards are ideal for break rooms or cafeterias,  and safety professionals can take them home to help expand safety culture beyond the workplace.”                                         

The safety topics for BNA’s Spanish/English bilingual talks, posters, and playing cards are backed by extensive analysis of data from the    Bureau of Labor Statistics about safety hazards that lead to the most  serious accidents. The safety talks use a friendly storytelling method   to get workers communicating about crucial safety topics. BNA’s  bilingual materials offer a non-threatening way for safety  professionals to encourage discussion at safety meetings.              

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