BNA’s Premier Environment & Safety Library™ Launches On a Dynamic New Web Platform


Source: Bloomberg BNA

BNA is pleased to announce the  launch of its Environment & Safety Library on an enhanced new Web  platform. This platform offers greater customization, upgraded search  options, real-time updates to analysis and full-text information, and a more seamless integration of news and analysis

With our new Web platform, we can offer our environment, health & safety subscribers one- stop shopping,” said Kevin Fetherston, Managing Editor of BNA’s Environment & Safety Library. “We have the tools to  bring BNA news together seamlessly with BNA analysis, and we’ve streamlined our proprietary content with relevant sources from other
Web sites. Subscribers also can now customize home pages, choosing from  hundreds of content modules to select exactly the information they  need.”

Among the new customization features of BNA’s Environment & Safety  Library are the ‘My Favorites’ tab that customers can use to select content, the ‘User Preferences’ that set search results, and the ‘Add Favorite Documents’ feature. The ‘News in Context’ feature displays BNA’s premium news and analysis, and places news stories in context with selections from the editors. New search options allow subscribers to conduct ‘Quick Searches’ or ‘Advanced Searches’ referencing the Code of Federal Regulations, the Federal Register, federal statutes, state regulations or statutes, or cases

BNA’s Environment & Safety Library gives thorough coverage of the complete spectrum of environment and safety issues, with seamlessly linked full-text materials, objective  reports, and editorial enhancements. It contains thousands of significant rulings by federaland state courts and administrative agencies. The Library covers environmental protection and pollution control, workplace safety and  health issues, extensive international information, and more

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