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Boca Raton to Install High Capacity MicrOclor Hypochlorite Generators


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New disinfection systems improve safety and ease of operation

April 15, 2013 -- The City of Boca Raton in southeastern Florida will be updating the disinfection systems at both their water and wastewater treatment plants with the addition of Process Solution Inc.’s (PSI) MicrOclor hypochlorite generators. Wharton-Smith Inc., the City’s contractor is installing five MicrOclor Model MC-1500 systems, each rated at 1500 pounds per day of free available chlorine (FAC). Three of these units are for the 70 MGD water treatment plant while two are for the 17 MGD wastewater treatment plant. These systems will add to PSI’s already numerous hypochlorite installations over 1,000 pounds per day for both water and wastewater applications. Hypochlorite generation uses salt, water, and electricity to generate a dilute bleach solution on site, eliminating the storage and transport of hazardous chlorine chemicals and typically offering an operational cost savings over bulk delivered hypochlorite.

Boca Raton has always been at the forefront of advanced drinking water treatment, constructing one of the first municipal water treatment facilities in southern Florida in 1927. Due to naturally-occurring color in the raw water, the drinking water facility uses state-of-the-art membrane and lime softening processes to remove over 90% of organics, producing clear, colorless drinking water. The wastewater treatment plant uses an activated sludge treatment process with primary clarification to remove 95% of the biochemical oxygen demand and suspended solids.

The MicrOclor systems will be replacing another manufacturer’s older hypochlorite generating equipment, installed fourteen years ago. PSI’s Regional Sales Manager, Brian Branch, says, “MicrOclor’s vertical cell technology was preferred because of its advanced hydrogen management and ease of operation.”

Both facilities are located at the Glades Road Utility Services complex, which serves 130,000 people, providing up to 70 million gallons per day of drinking water and treating 17.5 million gallons per day of wastewater. The new systems were designed by Hazen & Sawyer and will be installed by the end of the year.

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