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Bollegraaf UK limited supplies world’s largest steam autoclave recycling facility


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Lubo Systems has recently designed and manufactured the recycling sorting system at Graphite Resources Derwenthaugh Ecoparc. This project was awarded via their UK representatives Bollegraaf UK Ltd. Derwenthaugh Ecoparc is located in Newcastle in the North East of the UK and it will be the world’s largest steam autoclave recycling facility. The facility provides a unique solution for municipal and commercial waste.

The facility will be able to handle 320,000 tonnes per year of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), 60,000 tonnes per year of light waste (segregated kerbside and Commercial & Industrial) and 20,000 tonnes per year of green and skip waste. MSW will be treated in the steam autoclaves, where it will be sterilised and reduced by more than half in volume. Unique is that the autoclaves can process black bag waste, either sorted or unsorted. The facility will be fully operational in 2009.

The sorting system of Lubo Systems will segregate all of the recyclable materials; ferrous, aluminium, plastics, glass and fibres. Recovery rate is higher than 90%. The recovered fibres will be used to generate energy. To be able to separate the glass from the fibres, Lubo Systems is developing special equipment.

With Derwenthaugh Ecoparc, a waste management model will be created that provides economically viable solutions to some of the major problems, associated with extracting valuable resources, from the most difficult to manage waste streams, namely municipal and commercial waste. Due to the autoclave facility, landfill will be decreased and it will minimize the environmental impact of waste.

The Lubo sorting system is designed for 50 tonnes per hour which includes moving floors of storage bunkers, magnets, non-ferrous separators, air separation systems, optical sorting systems, Starscreens™ and conveyors. The sorting system separates all of the valuable recyclables.

The sorting system for the autoclave recycling facility is specially developed for the Derwenthaugh project. This reflects that Lubo Systems continually improves their products to provide the customer with a suitable solution. Lubo Systems is part of Bollegraaf Holding. In April last year Bollegraaf UK Ltd. supplied Greenstar, Aldridge with the biggest recycling facility of the UK. Due to the in-house developed techniques, this facility has an exceptional high purity rate of more than 96%.

Bollegraaf Holding companies are known for well qualified and experienced staff, including a group of highly trained engineers. All installations are designed in close cooperation with our client and in detailed consultation with our expert sales and engineering departments. Our strengths are in bespoke designs, manufacturing, installing and maintaining complete turn-key projects globally.

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