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BONO ARTES and ALSTOM POWER for respect of the environment


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Throughout more than 30 years of experience in water applications CANNON BONO ARTES has developed solutions for Civil & Industrial applications to cater for all water treatment needs.

In the course of these years, continuous research for innovative technical solutions has directed the technical and sales teams more and more towards the development of complex projects often associated with important industrial realisations, opening the way to co-operations with major EPC Contractors in Italy and the world.
Of particular interest is the co-operation with ALSTOM POWER that for years has shown to appreciate the performance and reliability offered by our dedicated solutions.

ALSTOM POWER is today a global supplier of equipment and services for power generation and leader in the FGD (Flue Gas Desulfurisation) technology that enables to reduce sulphur dioxide emissions produced by coal-fired power plants by 98% in compliance with the European laws and regulations (Large Combustion Plant Directive 2001/80/EC – LCPD).

ARTES has collaborated with Alstom Power in the realisation of several FGD plants since 2005. Waste water treatment from the FGD plant is targeted to treat the blow-down slurry from the FGD Scrubber eliminating heavy metals and separating solid gypsum. In fact the by-product of this technology is waste water with a particularly high concentration of suspended solids (>5%) and Chlorides (30.000 – 50.000ppm).

The system supplied to the Endesa’s coal-fired plant in Los Barrios (Spain) consists of a chemical-physical unit with lamella pack settlers arranged on four sub-sections that could be identified as neutralisation, coagulation, flocculation and sedimentation.

Due to the particularly corrosive environment and operating temperature close to 50°C, great care has been taken in the choice of the construction materials to avoid corrosion. In fact, specially-lined basins and vessels have been used besides pumps, fittings and piping made of special alloys.

The chemical-physical process conceived by ARTES is based on the coagulation process in which the addition of chemical additives is able to destabilise the suspension and produce flocs for subsequent solids separation processes.

The sludge produced by the chemical-physical unit is finally dehydrated in the “sludge thickener” section and pressed in order to dramatically reduce the water content of the sludge to be disposed of.

The completely automatic system is managed by a PLC connected to the peripheral equipments by means of PROFIBUS-DP. Interface to allow supervision is guaranteed by a WINCC (Windows Control Center) platform, to monitor the various components, basins levels and the daily and monthly chemicals consumptions to optimise operations.

“Our co-operation with the EPC Contractors and Alstom Power and in particular has given our company, and the CANNON group as a whole, the opportunity to widen its knowledge in the Power Generation field by exchanging and sharing specialist Know How” – says Pasquale Punzo, Managing Director of BONO ARTES – “This creates an “Open Source”, an enormous container from which ¬we can all draw resources and experience to consolidate and widen our knowledge”.

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