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BONO Artes: Water treatment package solutions for Romania


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Most industrial facilities such as Oil & Gas plants, rigs, offshore platforms, military camps, labour camps and work sites are located in remote and isolated areas, far away from any drinking water distribution lines. In such situations, plants designed and built inside a container, also known as containerised plants, can be a good solution for solving problems of portability, without forgetting that these containerised plants can successfully solve problems of limited time requirements or emergency situations.

BONO Artes has developed package units capable of treating sea water, well water or surface water with the most modern criteria in order to reduce space and costs while achieving excellent results in terms of solids removal and water depuration. Containerised package units are easy to locate and immediately operational and can be provided with an electric generator and many other useful accessories.

BONO Artes has supplied through Linde Group, world-wide leader for the construction of complex industrial plants, a containerised package demineralisation plant to Petrom, the largest producer of oil and gas in South East Europe as part of the project which envisages the construction of a new gas processing plant in Constanta, Romania. The system was designed to achieve a net flow rate of 4 m3/h of demineralized water, and consists of a pre-treatment unit through two activated carbon filters, a reverse osmosis unit, a membrane deaerator and a final Electro-Deionisation (EDI) unit.

The process forsees that the feedwater, taken from a river, is first collected in a basin where sodium hypochlorite is added to destroy bacteria. The passage through two activated carbon filters ensures removal of free chlorine to avoid a loss of performance of the reverse osmosis. In order to respect the limit value of carbon dioxide (5 ppm) set for the Electro-Deionisation (EDI) stage, an innovative process degassing membrane process has been implemented to remove carbon dioxide (CO2).

Through the Electro-Deionisation (EDI) process residue dissolved salts are removed with the only cost of electricity and without any need for chemical regeneration. The result is an ultra pure water suitable for any industrial purpose.

In particular, these systems can be tailor made according to the following characteristics:

- Salinity of feed water
- Capacity
- Level of automation
- Type of container

BONO Artes’ ability to combine different technologies in compact solutions, easily transportable, innovative and environmentally friendly, without neglecting purely economic aspects, is a clear success factor for our company and guarantee of a high standard of quality for our customers.

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