Boom of renewable raw materials - New presentation!


Source: thinkstep

The use of renewable raw materials has seen a boom during the last years. There has been an increasing shift from an economy based on fossil resources towards a sustainable way of using resources from fields and forests. Due to the manifold ways of applications in packaging, half-finished products or formed components, bio-based plastics have a high potential in the field of renewable raw materials.

The new presentation “Life Cycle Assessment as a part of a successful market integration” (german language) from Dr. Sabine Deimling and Torsten Rehl shows the environmental specifications relevant for the introduction of new and innovative products based on renewable raw materials on the market. Opportunities and chances given by environmental assessment using LCAs or Carbon Footprints for your company will be presented by a use of renewable raw materials in material use.

PE INTERNATIONAL can help you in offering approved and well-engineered tools for managing environmental potentials and risks – for instance the Life Cycle Assessment according to DIN ISO 14040, Carbon Footprint calculations according to PAS 2050 or preparation of environmental product declarations (EPDs).

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