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Boost from LWaRB to divert food waste from landfill


Source: Materials Recycling Week

The equivalent of 800,000 meals a year will be diverted from landfill sites and distributed to the homeless and other vulnerable people following a grant from the London Waste and Recycling Board to the charity FareShare.

The FareShare Community Food Network received £362,000, from LWaRB, to assist it with providing a paid-for food collection service to the food and drink industry to distribute food that no longer has a commercial value but is fit for purpose for local community groups and charities.

This grant will give FareShare 90% of the funding needed to set up a new food distribution depot in Park Royal, London, which will create two new jobs and around 50 volunteering opportunities.

Chair of LWaRB James Cleverly announced the grant as he addressed delegates at the C40 Cities Waste Workshop at City Hall on March 22.

He said: “What FareShare does is, it takes perfectly usable food, mostly from supermarkets which has either been mis-packaged or is damaged, and makes sure it remains as food because otherwise that food would go to landfill or possibly incineration. What it does is it collects it, collates it and redistributes it to the needy people around London.

“This is exactly the kind of project we are looking for.”

Boost from LWaRB to divert food waste from landfill

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