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Bore Hill Farm Biodigester celebrates its 7th birthday


Bore Hill Farm Biodigester, Warminster -- May 2019 will see Malaby Biogas celebrating the 7th anniversary of operations. The pioneering facility has been a centre of innovation and growth; leading the way in the development of a new and environmentally friendly industry which efficiently converts food and organic food production wastes into renewable energy and low carbon fertiliser for farms. Last year it became the first English anaerobic digestion (AD) plant to be approved under the new AD Certification Scheme (ADCS) which recognises excellent operational, environmental, and health and safety performance. Malaby Biogas prides itself on being flexible and responsive to the changing economic and environmental landscape by providing end of waste treatment services across the food production chain. As a result Director Thomas Minter was recognised by the industry’s trade association (ADBA) as AD Hero of the Year at their prestigious annual awards in July last year.

Since May 2012 the Biodigester has converted over 145,000 tonnes of food waste into 137,000 tonnes of low carbon, organic fertiliser and 45,000 MW of renewable electricity. It injects the electricity into the local town grid and provides enough power for around 2,500 houses - roughly 25% of Warminster, helping make the town extremely green.    

Thomas Minter says:

Malaby’s roots are in the local community and it has provided employment and learning opportunities to a large number of local organisations, schools, businesses and individuals. With its integrated visitors centre and open-door policy, it hosts international groups on fact finding missions and helps school and university students with their studies covering biology, chemistry, engineering and environmental and social sciences.  It treats wastes from far and wide from Warminster businesses to as far as the Channel Islands. Working with waste producers, collectors and hauliers, the Bore Hill Farm Biodigester helps minimise the need for environmentally damaging waste processes such as land filling or incineration. Government plans for weekly national household food waste collections will go a long way to reducing the need for waste disposal and will increase the opportunities for recycling.

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