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Boresaver Ultra C Pro Wins Official Approval


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Enhanced borehole contamination treatment gets the green light

January 2012 --  Geoquip Water Solutions, specialist supplier to water related industries, announces that BoreSaver Ultra C Pro, the enhanced treatment that completely removes iron oxide deposits found in wells, bores, pipes and pumps, has now been approved by the Secretary of State under regulation 31 of the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 1989 for use in potable water applications. Specially formulated as an enhanced treatment for more severe cases of contamination, Ultra C Pro dissolves deposits more effectively, extends time between treatments and provides a faster reduction of iron related bacteria.

One of the most effective range of well and bore cleaners in the world, the BoreSaver treatments are powerful, biodegradable solutions for water supply systems contaminated with iron oxide, manganese oxide, iron related bacteria and calcium carbonate. Extensive research, including recent startling results at a ground dewatering system, has shown that using BoreSaver improves water supply, increases output and extends the working life of pumping equipment and accessories.

Aquabiotics Industrial, Geoquip Water Solution’s partner, has been developing the BoreSaver range of cleaning solutions for over 10 years and the range is now exported to over 14 countries worldwide. BoreSaver Ultra C, IKL Pro and Liquid Enhancer - are also approved by the Secretary of State under regulation 31 of the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 1989 for use in potable water applications. Ultra C is tested and certified by the NSF in America for use in potable water.

BoreSaver can be used without dismantling equipment and will not attack or deteriorate any of the materials inside the system. When dosed correctly BoreSaver treatments are biodegradable, breaking down into the completely harmless components. Key components in Ultra C Pro occur naturally in plants and vegetables, making the product environmentally friendly.

BoreSaver treatments are used in private and public water supplies and in the mining, landfill, agricultural and horticultural sectors. They are also widely used by commercial organisations that need a consistent, trouble-free supply of water for their processes. Typical applications for the BoreSaver range include geothermal, pipelines, water supply wells, quarrying, mining, leachate pumping, irrigation and remediation. In fact, BoreSaver treatments are used wherever there are residues that affect the output and flow of the water supply.

Geoquip Water Solutions has partner consultants in the United States, Australia, the UK, Italy, France, South Africa and Holland, all of whom are experienced in local water supply issues and offer strong technical support.

For further details on Ultra C Pro or to find out more about the BoreSaver range please contact Mike Deed on 01473 462046 or email


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