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Bosch and Nanalysis Announce Joint Product Development Collaboration


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Nanalysis Scientific Corp. (the “Company” or “Nanalysis”), is pleased to announce that as of October 23rd , it has entered into a collaboration agreement with Robert Bosch GmbH (Bosch) to jointly develop products for the growing market industrial Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) products for applications such as on-board fuel analyzers for cargo ships, driven by new international environmental standards against dirty fuels, which would be distributed by Bosch. The collaborative work will begin in November 2019 and joint development effort is expected to result in a marketable device by December 2021 and a sales agreement will be negotiated at that time.

Dr. Reiner Krapf of the Agile Innovations group at Bosch stated “I am very pleased to be working with Nanalysis Scientific. Bosch is a global leader in measuring device miniaturization for application-specific industrial use cases and smart analyzers. We anticipate that within the next seven years, NMR technology will be prevalent in industrial environments such as manufacturing facilities, mobile labs, shipping vessels, trucks, cars, and phones. We have short-, medium-, and long-term commercial objectives and we believe that working with Nanalysis is a win-win opportunity to take miniaturized application-specific products to market under the Bosch brand.”

Sean Krakiwsky, founder and CEO of Nanalysis Scientific added, “Working with a global leader such as Bosch is a key step in the execution of our industrial applications growth strategy. We are driving the “appification” of NMR technology in Industry 4.0 environments using our leading permanent magnet based compact NMR technology, in addition to industrial optimization technologies such as AI and IoT. The Bosch partnership has the potential to dramatically expand our market opportunity. We are eager to work with Dr. Krapf’s team and anticipate continued success for our products, enhanced reach through this partnership, and a greatly accelerated expansion of the global NMR market.”

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