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Boston Joins FlowWorks - Goal is to Integrate Real-Time Data Across Multiple Platforms


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SEATTLE, March 19, 2012 /PR Newswire/ --  Boston Water and Sewer Commission (BWSC, the Commission) has selected FlowWorks to help pull data together across three different management platforms to better understand stormwater and flood events.  The FlowWorks tools will allow BWSC to investigate the dynamics of rainfall, trunk flow and level, and pressure fluctuations in real time to better understand the causes of basin flooding.

The project will generate a great deal of data, and FlowWorks is pleased to be working with Flow Assessment Services of Bedford, NH.  Flow Assessment provides flow-monitoring services to BWSC under contract, and will perform all data acquisition field services and QA/QC for the project.

FlowWorks is working with Paul Keohan, Project Manager at the Commission, to improve the access to data being collected at various locations around Boston.  The Commission recently expanded rainfall data collection to better understand the distribution of rain across the city.  Under another project, the Commission is measuring water depths and velocities in a portion of the collection system that is influenced by wet weather and shows potential for flooding.  FlowWorks will make it possible to integrate the data from both of these projects into one platform which the Commission can access outside of normal working hours. 

According to Paul Keohan, being able to access rainfall and depths during a large storm, rather than using rainfall forecasts, will improve the Commission's ability to monitor the collection system and determine if corrective measures are needed to prevent flooding.

FlowWorks is the platform of choice for municipalities and utilities seeking to create a secure, collaborative engineering environment where engineers and managers can work directly with data to explore complex systems, without risk of compromising the SCADA system.  The result is a different level of data analysis, bringing new and deeper insights while saving time and money over the old ways of managing data.  BWSC chose FlowWorks to bring data together from across multiple platforms, in order to better understand the dynamics of their wastewater system.

For more information, please visit www.FlowWorks.com.

About FlowWorks

FlowWorks is a secure web platform to gather, edit, analyze and understand all forms of environmental monitoring data.  Municipalities and utilities use FlowWorks to bring large quantities of time-series data together across multiple platforms.  Once in FlowWorks, powerful analysis tools allow engineers and managers to understand their systems and to make appropriate decisions.  Results are easily transferred to Word and Excel reports, or published anywhere including to the web.  FlowWorks is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, and operates data servers in the United States and Canada.

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