Boulder Imaging releases High Performance Digital Video Recorder (HPDVR)


Source: Boulder Imaging

Boulder Imaging, Inc. announces QUAZAR, intelligence on demand. Quazar is a high performance digital video recording (HPDVR) and analysis solution designed to provide real-time intelligence required to accelerate innovation, advance product testing and quality control, cut costs, and improves decision making.

“This is a comprehensive solution for anyone seeking to record, process, and analyze critical visual and non-visual data”, says Carlos Joquera, CEO and Founder of BII. “We have been working for over 15 years developing, refining and testing this solution. We are proud to say Quazar is now available as an off-the-shelf product.”

Quazar is the only high performance imaging solution that simultaneously records, in real time, from multiple cameras with guaranteed zero data loss while analyzing mission critical imagery and data for immediate results. Quazar can collect huge, unprecedented amounts of various types of data. It can accept the widest array of visual and non visual data input interfaces in the industry and at the same time be played back and analyzed synchronously.

To better understand critical event data, Quazar systems capture both expected and unexpected incidents with guaranteed accuracy and completeness of all recorded data. The Quazar high performance imaging systems make engineering and scientific measurement analysis possible. Quazar systems can be deployed into diverse environments and industries.

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