Brady and SPC unveil environmentally friendly sorbents for industrial spills and cleanup

Brady (NYSE:BRC) and SPC, a Brady Business unveil Re-Form™ Eco-Friendly Sorbents, a green, class A fire-retardant, cost-effective sorbent with up to 50 percent more absorbency than oil-based polypropylene sorbents.  Brady and SPC have partnered with Sellars Absorbent Materials of Milwaukee, WI to introduce a breakthrough cellulose-based sorbent for which Brady and SPC will have exclusive rights in its industrial, safety, electrical and laboratory markets.

Re-Form represents a unique “green” product that outperforms traditional polypropylene sorbents.  Re-Form sorbents are manufactured from a minimum of 70 percent recycled newsprint and other raw cellulose material and are shipped in recycled cardboard packaging. The unique open-cell technology used in Re-Form sorbents achieve the difficult feat of unlocking the natural ability of cellulose fibers to become super-soakers, then formulates them into a sorbent material that is up to 50 percent more absorbent than traditional oil-based polypropylene sorbents, meaning that  customers will use less and have less to dispose.

Re-Form™ Eco-Friendly Sorbents meet NFPA Class A Fire Retardancy requirements for low flame spread, low smoke density and are self-extinguishing.

Additionally, since Re-Form Sorbents are not an oil-based product, they are not susceptible to volatile price variations associated with petroleum markets.

Two material constructions are available for Re-Form™ Eco-Friendly Sorbents: basic Re-Form material that is durable with a netted construction, and Re-Form Plus material with the same absorbency performance as

Re-Form but with added perforations and a cover stock for abrasion resistance - perfect for wiping and foot traffic applications.

“The industrial market is shifting toward newer, greener and more cost-effective sorbent technologies.

Re-Form puts us and our distributors on the leading edge of this wave of change, ” said  Larry Kilian, General Manager, SPC-a Brady business.

“Brady-SPC is a recognized leader in the industrial sorbents market, and we are pleased to combine Sellars’ innovation and Brady-SPC’s market leadership to bring this next generation of sorbents to Brady’s markets,” said Tom Sellars, CEO, Sellars Absorbent Materials.

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