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Brady HeatexTM Identification Solution Offers Durable Cable and Wire ID for High-Tech Industries


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MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN - Brady Corporation (NYSE: BRC) offers the Brady Heatex Identification Solution: a complete on-demand system for labeling wires, cables, tubes, and other equipment. The system provides a well-organized process for initial cable labeling, and produces sharp, durable labels that improve the overall quality of the final cable product. Part of the Brady Heatex Identification Solution, the Bradyprinter(TM) PR Plus Thermal Transfer Printer is compatible with Brady label design software such as Heatex(TM) Label Software. The system is designed to optimally print Heatex materials including Heatex(TM) Cable Markers and B-508 Cable and Harness Marking Tags.


The PR300 Plus Printer is an industrial-grade printer designed to accommodate Brady Heatex(TM) heat-shrinkable materials, plus other wire markers and polyester materials. This makes the PR300 Plus printer the right choice for applications that require a long life span and for industries that must meet rigid durability specifications, such as aerospace, military, electrical, rail, mass transit, and data communications companies. The printer is ideal for sleeving applications in cable and wire identification, and offers the barcoding and graphics features many companies require.


Key to the functionality of the Brady PR300 Plus printer is the unique printhead, designed to operate at higher heat settings for optimum print quality on Brady's Heatex heat shrinkable tubing and B-508 Cable and Harness Marking Tags. The Brady PR300 Plus printer is designed for high-volume printing in demanding environments.  A rugged design, field-installable parts, and simplified maintenance procedures completed with the on-board 'one-tool' ensure that users can easily change printer materials and ribbons, or upgrade their options without excessive downtime. The PR300 Plus printer is easy to use, easy to load, and requires very little calibration - so there is less material waste and faster label printing.


Heatex materials are very flexible, high temperature-rated, and highly flame retardant for demanding applications. B-508 material is a high-performance wire bundle and cable identification tag designed for use in harsh environments and vigorously tested to meet military specifications. Labels printed on Brady's B-508 material offer three key advantages for demanding industries - they don't tear when applied with cable ties, they are heat- and solvent-resistant, and they weigh less than previous marker options - an important advantage for aerospace applications.


Brady's Heatex Label Software allows users to easily create, edit, and print wire and cable markers in just seconds. All of Brady's Heatex label material sizes and configurations are pre-loaded into the software. This simplified, streamlined system saves time and helps reduce labeling errors by allowing users to quickly create and print accurate, consistent label formats.


On-demand printing systems, such as the Brady Heatex Identification Solution, offer several advantages over preprinted cable markers. By printing labels only as they are needed, contractors create a cost-effective just-in-time (JIT) inventory system, avoiding the cost of excess inventory and storage. Printing labels on site streamlines the cable tag ordering process by eliminating lead-time requirements from label vendors. And when replacement labels are needed, they can be printed on the spot, avoiding missing or incorrect information.

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