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Brady introduces specimen labeling solution for histology and anatomic pathology labs


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Brady Worldwide, Inc. (NYSE: BRC), a trusted provider for laboratory labeling, is pleased to introduce a new specimen labeling system for histology and anatomic pathology labs – the Brady Specimen Labeling Solution. With a revolutionary label attachment system and durable labels that withstand tissue processing and last up to 20 years in storage, Brady’s Specimen Labeling Solution is an effective, economical labeling system that helps labs improve productivity, reduce errors, track chain of custody, and protect the safety of their patients.

A break-through labeling system for laboratories

Now more than ever, histology and anatomic pathology labs are emphasizing, and in some cases requiring, the clear identification of all tissue samples. Unlike previous labeling systems, which were cost prohibitive and often had a large footprint, Brady’s Specimen Labeling Solution has a small footprint and is an economical option for accurately identifying specimen and tracking the chain of custody during a sample’s entire length of stay in the lab.

“The future of the industry depends on reliable, accurate specimen identification and tracking,” said Ross Charette, director of sales and marketing for Simport. “As the leading manufacturer of cassettes, Simport understands that our customers need a flexible, viable solution for labeling tissues cassettes. We’re pleased to see that Brady has also stepped up to the challenge.”

Designed to help labs meet requirements of the CAP, CLIA, and European Tissue Directive, Brady’s Specimen Labeling Solution can easily be integrated into histology and anatomic pathology labs with label design and printing software that interfaces with the lab’s current LIS. The complete solution is composed of several integral parts – a Brady thermal transfer label printer with R6400 Ribbon, B482 Tissue Cassette Labels, B481 Stainerbondz™ slide labels, the new BSP™31 Label Attachment System, and Bradysoft™ labeling software. Together, the components create a semi-automated labeling process that helps labs save time, reduce errors, and improve patient safety.

Revolutionary BSP31 Label Attachment System permanently rivets label and cassette

For years, histology and anatomical pathology labs have dealt with unreliable labels that detach from the cassette during tissue processing, forcing lab technicians to trace a long paper trail in order to locate the tissue cassette’s patient identification information. To ensure Brady’s labels remain permanently attached to the tissue cassettes, Brady developed a new label attachment unit – the BSP31 Label Attachment System.

The BSP31 Label Attachment System mechanically fastens each label to a cassette through a unique heat staking process, where four small heat probes pierce through the corners of the label and cassette. The heat melts the cassette’s plastic into rivets, which then permanently hold the label in place at its four corners. The rivets give the label the added security and durability necessary to withstand tissue processing and up to 20 years in storage. The BSP31 Label Attachment System can attach 1-200 labels a day - perfect for small to mid-size labs, or as a back up for high volume systems.

Durable B482 Tissue Cassette Labels keep patient data clear and identifiable

Prior to Brady’s Specimen Labeling Solution, small to moderate volume labs had to either apply labels post process, or use pre-process identification that could smear, fade or detach from the cassette. Brady’s B482 Tissue Cassette Labels and R6400 ribbons are chemical and solvent-resistant, and specifically designed to withstand tissue process protocols without smearing or fading. The labels remain clear, legible and accurate from fixation to embedding, sectioning and long-term storage and retrieval. With thermal transfer technology that provides small text printing capabilities, it is possible to include more patient data on the labels, including 2D barcodes and up to 21 alphanumeric characters on each label.

Labs encouraged to test Brady’s Specimen Labeling Solution with their own process

If lab technicians who handle tissues or slides want to test the reliability of the Brady Specimen Labeling Solution in their own labs, they are encouraged to visit to request slide label samples or a free labeled tissue cassette that they can test in their own process.

For more information on Brady’s Specimen Labeling Solution for histology and anatomic pathology, visit or

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