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Brady Introduces Weather-Resistant, Commercial-Grade Signs


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MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN - Brady Corporation (NYSE: BRC), has developed a new line of commercial grade signs to meet the needs of customers who need durable, weather-resistant signs for light industrial and commercial applications. The new line of aluminum, plastic, and self-sticking vinyl signs provides cost-effective alternatives for many applications and environments where exposure to abrasion, UV-light, and chemical resistance is moderate.


 Brady Commercial Grade B-590 Aluminum features a protective coating and printed legend on a rust-proof aluminum that holds up well for indoor or outdoor applications, even in extremely wet environments. It will not rust even if marred, and provides light abrasion and chemical resistance. It conforms to curved surfaces, has four standard 7/16' holes for mounting, and will last outdoors an average of four years.


With a protective outer coating, Brady Commercial Grade B-463 Plastic offers light abrasion and chemical resistance that will not rust, chip, peel, or flake. It conforms well to curved surfaces, has an average outdoor life of two years, and comes with standard 7/16' four-corner holes for easy mounting.


Brady Commercial Grade B-972 Self-Sticking Vinyl is a flexible, pressure-sensitive vinyl material for indoor/outdoor applications. It is adhesive backed and will conform to smooth curved surfaces. These signs are direct printed with weather-resistant inks and have an average outdoor life of two years.


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