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Brady`s New LOCKOUT PROTM 3.0 Graphical Procedure Writing Software Helps Companies Save Time, Money, and Lives


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MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- Brady Corporation (NYSE: BRC) has released the newest version of their comprehensive graphical procedure writing software, Lockout PROTM 3.0. This program allows companies to easily create and implement a complete, OSHA 1910.0147 compliant hazardous energy control lockout program throughout their facility. Clear, easy-to-follow lockout/tagout procedures help to increase workplace efficiency and decrease the thousands of worker injuries that occur every year due to incomplete or misunderstood lockout/tagout energy control procedures.

Brady Lockout PRO Graphical Procedure Writing Software allows users to create customized, easy-to-follow lockout/tagout procedures in just a few minutes. The program features easy-to-use templates, plus access to a database of standard graphics, terms, and information. Users can easily customize each procedure and insert machine-specific images that walk workers through every part of each lockout/tagout procedure - this is especially helpful when workers are responsible for multiple machines. Users can also access current OSHA standards in just a few clicks to ensure that their procedures are code-compliant. Lockout procedures can be printed to any standard laser or inkjet printer or to Brady's GlobalMarkTM or HandiMark® printers, for printing on more durable Brady label materials.

The software program decreases downtime by increasing the speed and efficiency of lockout/tagout procedures as well as shortening employee training time. The program also helps to avoid costly fines by ensuring an OSHA 1910.0147 compliant energy control program that is easily documented and updated. And most importantly, Lockout PRO software helps ensure that workers have all the information they need to perform lockout/tagout activities safely, reducing catastrophic worker injuries and fatalities.

The new version of Lockout PRO software features several enhancements designed to make it even easier to create and maintain a complete hazardous energy control policy. New and updated features include:

  • Improved Team Collaboration Features: Lockout PRO 3.0 software features easy policy implementation and review features for networked systems and larger user groups, ideal for companies with multiple locations.
  • Additional Application Customization Capabilities: Users can now customize procedures, descriptions, menu contents, and more to create company-specific defaults. This helps ensure that procedures conform to existing company workflow and protocols.
  • New Combined Form Template: Ensures all the vital LO/TO information is kept where it's needed - at the machine. The new template displays energy source data on the Short Form on the front of the printed LO/TO procedure and detailed lockout steps (per OSHA regulations) on the Long Form on the back of the procedure.
  • Upgraded Design Features: New features include rich text formatting, improved graphics labeling (including multiple labels and custom text labels), color coding, and an easy conversion utility for those currently using Lockout PRO versions 2.0 or 2.2. Easy-to-follow drop-down menus help speed procedure creation and maintain a clear standardized format.
  • New Training Aides: Lockout Pro 3.0 includes video clips for new lockout products, including the universal valve lockout, ball valve lockout, plug lockout, and mini circuit breaker lockouts.
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