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Brady`s raised panel labels receive 10-year outdoor durability rating


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Brady Worldwide, Inc. (NYSE: BRC) announced today that its popular Raised Panel Labels have been tested to withstand 10 years of outdoor weathering. With customizable legends and on demand printing, Brady’s Raised Panel Labels give facilities a less expensive, convenient alternative to the current engraved legend plates and labels on the market.

Brady offers first raised panel label with 10-year outdoor rating

As the first raised panel label on the market to withstand 10 years in outdoor conditions, the B-593 Raised Panel Label gives customers a new and economical option for outdoor identification. Currently, customers are marking the outside of their buildings with plastic or engraved plates, which can be expensive to create and customize.

With Brady’s Raised Panel Labels, customers can identify their outdoor premises with on demand label printing. They can use their existing thermal transfer printers – both desktop and portable units – and customize the entire legend of the label to meet their facility’s needs. When compared to plastic or engraved legend plates, Brady’s Raised Panel Labels are a more practical, cost-effective solution to outdoor identification.

The B-593 labels can be used to identify electrical boxes, low voltage control panels, instrument panels, and other outdoor applications. Available in six different colors, the Raised Panel Labels are made with foam-backed polyester and an aggressive adhesive for strong holding power. Unlike plastic plates, rivets are not required for adhesion.

Accelerated weathering technology determines outdoor life of Brady Raised Panel Labels

The labels were tested using the industry standard’s Atlas Ci5000 Weather-Ometer®, an artificial and accelerated weathering testing system. The labels were exposed to controlled cycles of Xenon Arc light and water spray to simulate the natural conditions of sun, rain and temperature changes. The testing occurs in a chamber set at a black panel temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit; the labels were adhered to an aluminum base. According to Brady’s internal testing results, 800 hours in the Weather-Ometer® is equivalent to approximately one year of outdoor exposure in Wisconsin.

The labels were rated at five intervals over the course of a year, with observations based on the appearance of the labels’ color, gloss and print fade/removal.

Brady offers complete marking solution for outdoor identification

In addition to the B-593 Raised Panel Labels, Brady offers a complete line of outdoor and indoor identification products, including industrial desktop printers, portable label printers, and other high performance labels and signs. Brady’s label printers are designed to provide high quality thermal transfer printing on a variety of label materials. With the versatility of both indoor and outdoor applications, Brady’s on demand labelers are a cost-effective and efficient solution to facility identification.

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