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Brady`s Updated GlobalMark®2 Industrial Label Maker Addresses Safety Concerns and Identification Needs on the Spot


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MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN - Brady Corporation is now introducing the newest version of its versatile industrial-grade printer, the GlobalMark®2 Industrial Label Maker. This durable, easy-to-use printer gives companies the ability to produce professional signs, labels, pipe markers, warning signs, and emergency exit markings quickly, at the point of need.


The Brady GlobalMark2 Industrial Label Maker helps companies meet their safety and communication needs cost-effectively by offering custom signs on the spot, at a much lower cost than a custom sign shop. Durable Brady materials ensure that signs and labels made with the GlobalMark2 printer will hold up to tough industrial environments, and meet OSHA or ANSI standards. The printer offers easy-to-use built-in templates, graphics, and applications for pipe markers, arc flash labels, LO/TO instructions, electrical circuit ID, OSHA and ANSI warnings, machine guard labels, warehouse and inventory labels, glow-in-the-dark emergency exit path markings, and general facility identification.


Optional software and applications expand the functionality of the printer, with more sign and label templates, plus additional design options and custom features. Available products include:


MarkWareTM Deluxe Facility Identification Software-provides access to an extensive library of customizable label, tag, and sign templates, and allows users to import their own full-color images. Includes over 1,000 saftey symbols and pictograms, plus access to a chemical database.


QuickLabel Application Card - contains hundreds of the most frequently requested safety signs and labels, ready to select, edit, and print directly on your GlobalMark printer without the need of a PC connection.


Surf On SignsTM - Brady's signs and label database gives you access to thousands of pre-made, customizable OSHA sign and label templates.


Lockout PROTM Graphical Procedure wirting software - specifically designed to help create OSHA-compliant lockout procedure tags, labels, and energy source identification in as little as three minutes.


ChemLabelTM Hazardous Material Labeling Software - featuring on-screen wizards that let you link from a chemical database to a label layout to help ensure accurate label information.


The printer is available in three models to meet a variety of needs. The GlobalMark2 Cut & Color System prints in one color, multiple spot colors, or blended colors. It offers a built-in label cutter, plus a plotter cutter for cutting out images, numbers and letters. The GlobalMark2 MultiColor system provides the same features and color options as the Cut & Color System, but without the plotter cutter. The GlobalMark2 MonoColor System prints one color on one color tape, addressing the need for an affordable and easy-to-use sign and label printer.


Value PLUS packages offer companies additional features, convenience, and cost savings by combining the GlobalMark printer with other popular Brady labeling products, including the HandiMark® labeler, the PowerMark® printer, and LockoutPROTM software.

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