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Brady Worldwide, Inc. releases new LabelMark 5 label design software


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Brady Worldwide, Inc. (NYSE: BRC) announced today the release of its latest version of LabelMark™ Label Design Software. With label design wizards, single-click importing, and complete integration with Microsoft Office and AutoCAD applications, LabelMark 5 Software is a time-saving solution for designing, editing and printing high performance labels.

Electrical labeling wizards and new AutoCAD functionality simplify label design

LabelMark 5 Software offers a number of new features that help users create and edit labels more efficiently.  Label design wizards are available to simplify some of the most popular electrical labeling applications, including wire harness and control panel job. These wizards walk the user step-by-step through the label design process, creating a label for all of the necessary components of a wire harness or control panel job.

The software gives users the flexibility to design labels either in a free form graphical layout (by adding graphics, barcodes and other images), or in a fixed line data entry layout where data is inputted onto a label. Users can also insert and edit an entire AutoCAD file (or an AutoCAD layer/area of interest on a layer) directly onto their labels.

After a list of labels has been created, users can easily duplicate it with reversed or flipped text rotations. If the labels need to be serialized for a job, the software also offers a quick one-step serialization function.

New software tools improve process of transferring external data to labels

Many of the software’s new data management tools can significantly reduce the amount of time spent integrating data sources into the system. The new single-click importing function allows users to import data onto a label from an external source with a click of a mouse. They can select data while inside AutoCAD, Excel or Visio, apply this data to a selected label and then preview, print and save while concurrently continuing to work within these applications.

To ensure all of the labels have imported correctly, a “check error” function is available that can identify labels with missing data or design errors. This new function allows users to correct the labeling errors prior to printing – which saves time and reduces label material waste.

Enhanced job manager and batch printing capabilities for faster label printing

In addition to the label design and data management tools, LabelMark 5 Software also offers several features that improve the process of label printing as well. The software’s job manager functionality allows the user to simultaneously manage multiple print jobs and printers with a single job file on the system; this allows the user to organize the batch printing according to jobs, which makes the labels easier to apply and saves time during product assembly.

Users can also assign specific label materials to certain printers, and the software will create default printing settings that reflect the same part/printer association for future labeling jobs. When paired with a Brady IP Label Printer series, the software can even communicate bi-directionally with the printer, and will automatically load the preferred label formats prior to printing.

Brady software offers complete solution for voice and data, electrical and lab labeling

LabelMark 5 Software provides advanced label design and printing capabilities to Brady’s voice and data, electrical, and lab identification solutions.  The software has a complete array of Brady materials contained within its database for quick and easy network identification, wire and cable labeling, and lab identification.

With new and improved functionality for high performance labeling, LabelMark 5 Software offers time-saving tools for each phase of the label creation process - from product design to label application. By integrating data sources, label designs and batch printing into one cohesive system, LabelMark 5 Software offers a complete solution for operational label set up, management and execution.

For more information about LabelMark 5 Label Design Software, or to request a demo of the software, visit

* LabelMark™5 Label Design Software is a registered trademark of Brady Worldwide, Inc.

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