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Brady Worldwide, Inc. releases updated version of NetDoc® Cable Management Software


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Brady Worldwide, Inc. (NYSE: BRC) has released its latest version of NetDoc® Cable Management Software, a web-enabled software solution that allows users to effectively document, label and manage their network topologies with one system. With expanded documentation capabilities, the latest advancements in air-blown fiber tracking and an intuitive Microsoft Excel interface, the new NetDoc2 Cable Management Software can increase productivity, reduce costs and improve user services in the voice and data communications industries.

NetDoc2 Software features rack documentation, air-blown fiber capabilities and more

NetDoc2 Cable Management Software offers an advanced user interface with rack documentation capabilities and expanded search options. Racks can be added to a floor or space, and they can be defined by asset, termination hardware or backbone cables. Users can search by circuit ID or extension, and even trace cable connections through racks and other components that are assigned to racks.

NetDoc2 software also offers enhanced air-blown fiber documentation and tracking to give users more options for managing their network topologies. With these new air-blown fiber capabilities, users can diagram cable runs, trace pathways and cables, and manage the entire network via the web interface. Users can trace continuous circuits by adding a circuit ID to one or multiple strands, or show all ports and spaces by using circuit IDs on multiple pairs.

Microsoft Office Excel interface designed for easy navigation and usability

With NetDoc2 Cable Management Software, users can work within Microsoft Excel to provide live updates to the network topology through the software’s database. Users can define and verify assets, termination hardware, backbone cables, backbone pairs, asset ports and horizontal links in Excel directly from the closet or data center. With the software’s database-connected navigation tool, they can quickly and easily populate cells in Excel with data from the NetDoc2 cable management system - a helpful tool for updating the system or checking it for documented network equipment while they are in the closet, office space or data center.

This unique Excel interface also allows users to pull live data from the NetDoc2 network management system and quickly export it into a convenient, easy-to-use Excel document. Data can be exported directly to Excel from NetDoc2 software with the new “Export to Excel” function in LabelMark™ software.  Patch panels, switches, cables and even entire racks can be selected, and then printed onto labels for network identification with Brady’s portable and bench top printers.

For more information on NetDoc2 Cable Management Software, or to request a demo of the software, visit

Brady offers complete network management solution for voice and data comm

Brady’s network management solution is a cost-effective option that gives users 24-hour access to information about their network topologies. The system can be easily updated, making it possible to quickly resolve network issues as they arise. With Brady label printers and cable markers on hand for proper identification, and NetDoc2 software available for network documentation, users can increase productivity, reduce costs and improve user services.

For more information on Brady’s voice and data comm network management solutions, visit

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