Bramar joint research project kicked off


Source: EnviroChemie GmbH

EnviroChemie is a major partner in the Bramar joint research project. The goal of this new project is to investigate resource-friendly treatment and recycling of industrial production wastewater at industrial companies from different sectors in tropical northern Brazil over the next two years.

During the research project, EnviroChemie will deliver and supply modular pilot plants in housing modules. Together with EnviroChemie specialists, RWTH Aachen University, Georg August University in Göttingen and the University of Brunswick - Institute of Technology, the local representative Tratamentos Especializados is responsible for analysing the tasks at the local companies. This includes not only the use of modern, adapted treatment technologies from Germany but also resource-friendly processing and knowledge transfer on the whole.

EnviroChemie will integrate physico-chemical, biological and membrane technology processes in a modified form in the projects. These processes feature high process reliability and availability, coupled with sophisticated data technology and Internet-based remote maintenance.

Further partners in the project include ap-system engineering GmbH, charged with the task of optimising processing through automated image evaluation, a new approach in the automation of water and wastewater technology, and two other industrial companies from the sector.

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