Bramidan launches Intelligent Fleet Monitoring Solution


Source: Bramidan Balers

We call it BRA-IN, Bramidan Intelligence. It helps you monitor and optimize your waste handling equipment.

BRA-IN enables the user to get a much better overview of his total fleet of waste handling machines.

'We supply both vertical balers and compactors with a modem included, but we can also fit older equipment with a special BRA-IN box, enabling the customer to extract data from his existing equipment. In this way we help our customers optimize their total life cycle costs in a much more professional way', says Jesper Møller Andersen, Sales Director at Bramidan.

All data shown in an online portal

Data collected are shown in an online portal, which helps you make faster and better descisions and reduce operational costs.

With a modem installed in new machines or a BRA-IN box added to existing machines, you are able to have a complete overview of your entire fleet.

You get in control of:

    1. Location of equipment
    2. Status of machines
    3. Fill levels and bales ready for collection
    4. Output documentation

React proactive and much faster

Bramidans new fleet monitoring system will enable service departments to get a fast overview of the status of all machines placed at large customers. 'We can react proactive and much faster when we offer the customer a full service concept,' explains Lars H. Jørgensen, International Service Manager at Bramidan.

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