Bramidan provided a baler for big-bags


Source: Bramidan Balers

The company Anna Topór ANA, a manufacturer of leather products in Poland, invested in a baler from Bramidan for recycling.

Anna Topór ANA, located in Lower Silesia, is a rapidly growing manufacturer of leather products such as luggage and handbags. The company also recycles big bags for its customers.

ANA went into cooperation with a metallurgical factory where foil, used for the production of car headlights, is produced.

This plant receives big bags with components, to be used in the production process. When empty, the big bags are compressed in a baler and the finished bales are sent to ANA, where they go through the process of recycling.

The process of recycling big bags

The employees of ANA unpack the bales and clean the big-bags. Then they divide them into two streams. One stream includes bags which are not damaged, ready for next consignment, while the second stream is the bags for repair. Employees, who work in the sewing workshop, sew and repair damaged big-bags. Both repaired and undamaged big-bags are then compressed into bales and sent to the supplier that delivers the components to the metallurgical factory. There, the bags can be filled again and sent back to the factory. An effective and useful way of recycling.

Tailored solution resulted in improved procedures

The owner of ANA contacted Bramidan and asked for advice about a solution to compact the bags without damaging them.

The sales consultant from Bramidan suggested a X25 baler from the X-Series. It has a strong and durable construction. The baler is equipped with cross cylinders that provide durability and reliability of the equipment. Recycled big-bags are now compacted into bales of 45 bags each. There are no retainers or paint inside the lower part of the baler chamber, to prevent damage or paint rubbing off onto the bags.

Mr. Robert Topór comments the operation in a few words: 'I am surprised that such a large amount of fabrics can be compressed in a baler at one time. The machine is very easy to use and even employees with short height can easily operate the machine.' The implemented waste solution has resulted in a number of benefits associated with improving procedures of handling the big bags. Thanks to the new baler solution the productivity in the factory has been increased.

Facts about Anna Topór ANA

The company Anna Topór ANA is a manufacturer of leather products. The company owns modern machinery, but they still continue to invest in new solutions like the baler for recycling to fully meet the requirements of their customers.

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