Brand New Material Helps to Save the Rainforest


RESYSTA® by GO IN - better looking than wood, better than wood and totally environmentally

The time has come for a new material: In collaboration with Münchener Boulevard Möbel GmbH, GO IN is launching a new product range in January 2010 under the brand name RESYSTA®. These new products will revolutionise the outdoor sector of the catering and restaurant furniture trade..

This new material has been created to replace endangered tropical hardwoods in the production of outdoor furniture. This development follows ten years of research by Münchener Boulevard Möbel GmbH.

The successful formula is as follows: approx. 60 percent rice husks + approx. 22 percent rock salt + approx. 18 percent mineral oil. The result is a material that is 100 percent future-proof and that outperforms wood, its natural role model, in every respect. RESYSTA is environmentally friendly - being 100 percent recyclable - and extremely resistant to environmental influences such as sun, rain, snow or salt water. RESYSTA is not susceptible to attacks from insects or fungi and the material does not swell, splinter, tear or rot, for which the manufacturers offer a 15 year guarantee.

RESYSTA® looks and feels like wood at its most beautiful, and yet RESYSTA® is completely wood-free, so not a single tree needs to be felled. RESYSTA® enables everyone to make a significant contribution to protecting the rainforests. Better looking than wood, better than wood - RESYSTA® 'the better wood'.

RESYSTA® by GO IN offers three different shapes and styles in its new outdoor models R* 0100 BO, R* 0500 **, RS 0020 KA and RT 02** KA. The Design Line R* 0100 BO combines RESYSTA® with an aluminium frame. The table-bench combination is light and elegant in design. There is space for two benches under the Resysta table, to keep them dry and ready for use once the rain has gone.

A sophisticated design and extremely high sitting comfort are the hallmarks of the R* 0500 ** models. Combinations of stainless steel and RESYSTA® in teak look, will fit perfectly into any outdoor environment and are both stackable and easy to move.

The RS0020 KA and RT02** KA models are similar to traditional folding garden chairs with matching folding table models. The new RESYSTA® products have a significantly longer lifespan than conventional wooden models with minimal maintenance requirements. Restaurateurs and hoteliers who choose RESYSTA® models will be able to spend more time with their guests. For them, the time-consuming maintenance of wooden furniture will be a thing of the past. The prospects of carefree outdoor leisure time have never looked better. For more information please visit the GO IN blog




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