Brass and Bronze Gate, Globe, Check Valves from Kitz Corporation Japan


It gives a great pleasure to introduce ourselves as a Ghanaian Company which brings to you Valves from a High Quality Japanese manufacture which are used in the systems  fire protection engineering, hvac installations,plumbing installations, solar systems engineering & industrial applications.

Kitz Corporation manufactures these valves at their various factories located worldwide, is a Japanese Stock Exchange Listed Company having Annual Turnover of more than US $ 1 Billion.

They are Leading Valve Supplier in Japan and are ranked 4th in the world for the Valve Sales and also owns other brands like Perrin, RED-WHITE, MGA, Micro Pneumatics, Toyo & Jso.

They have massive sales network for Global Market covering areas like Japan, North America, China, Southeast Asian, EU countries, Middle East.

We are the authorized distributors for them in Ghana. 

They have two ranges of products: Industrial and Commercial.

Commercial range of products are used by Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing contractors in Construction industry for building Large towers, Hospitals, Hotels etc… 

Whereas Industrial are used mainly in Oil and Gas Industries, Petrochemical Industry and other industries.

Broadly the product range is as mentioned below:

1.       Butterfly Valves with SS Disc- Aluminum Die cast / DI Body (Water, General Industrial applications)

2.       Single piece SS threaded ball valves (water, General Industrial, Light Chemical Applications)

3.       Brass & Bronze Gate, Globe, Check Valves (water, utility, Plumbing applications)

4.       Brass & Bronze Ball Valves (water, oil, steam, Gas applications)

5.       Single piece – reduced Bore, 2 piece - full bore, flanged ball valves in CS, SS(water, light chemicals, chemical etc.)

6.       CS, SS GGC (water, light chemicals, chemical etc.)

7.     Metal Seated Ball Valves for Oil & Gas & Petrochemical Applications

Apart from this, another range of services that we will offer are from M/s. Eximious Venture Pvt Limited. Eximious Ventures (EVPL)  is ISO 9001 & ISO 14000 Certified Company. EVPL Team started their operations in 1987 & over a period of almost 3 decades have developed expertise, products & solutions in following areas which are very critical for plant operations.

1.       Thermic Fluid System,

2.       Cooling Water/Chilled Water/Brine/Air Handling Circuit Treatment,

3.       Boiler & Steam Circuit Area

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