Brazil Water Report Q2 2014


We believe that while the overall trend in the provision of water and sanitation services has been one of improvement over recent decades (particularly in urban areas), vast differences in service provision persist, and while the gap in service provision should continue to narrow over the coming years, this will require substantial investment from both the public and private sectors.

 Access to an improved water source is at 100% for the urban population, and 85% for the rural population, while access to piped water on premises is at 96% and 65% respectively. Access to sanitation is somewhat poorer, at 85% for the urban population and 44% for the rural population, while access to sewer networks is low at 53% of the urban population and just 5% for the rural population.

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Water usage in Brazilian cities is lower than most Argentine, Peruvian and Chilean cities, though it is approaching levels comparable with Central Europe, most likely due to increased metering which can deter consumers watching the household budget.

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