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Brent saves £500,000 in waste disposal costs


Source: Materials Recycling Week

Brent Council has saved more than £500,000 in waste disposal costs since its introduction of compulsory recycling a year ago.

Local residents have diverted an extra 7,000 tonnes of waste from landfill since the council made it compulsory for them to use their green recycling boxes in August 2008.

The council will take one refuse vehicle and crew off the road from August due to residents recycling “so much more”.

The most up-to-date figure shows that the recycling rate in Brent jumped from 22.2 per cent in April 2008, to 28 per cent in April 2009.

Brent Council leader Paul Lorber said: “It is a real achievement to stop this much waste being sent to landfill. We are not only saving a fortune in money but we are also making sure Brent does its bit to tackle climate change. Now we are building on this success and making further substantial environmental improvements by organising collection rounds more efficiently.”

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