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Breyer Group signs wood recycling deal with social enterprise NCWRP


Source: Materials Recycling Week

Brighton-based social enterprise, the National Community Wood Recycling Project (NCWRP) has finalised a deal with construction firm, the Breyer Group, which is set to give “real boost to the community wood recycling sector”.

The deal guarantees the Breyer Group a fixed price for wood collections from any of their construction sites that are within the collection area of an NCWRP member project.

The NCWRP rescues and reuses ‘waste’ timber that would otherwise be landfilled, sorts it and then sells it back to the public. It also creates jobs and opportunities for local people in the process.

Breyer Group has piloted this initiative with the NCWRP at construction test sites in Bexley Heath, Epping and St. Albans. The scheme has proved more cost effective than other conventional arrangements for waste disposal.

NCWRP project director Richard Mehmed said he was excited by the project. He said: “This deal gives a real boost to the community wood recycling sector. In the trial phase Breyer have already shown great commitment to the scheme and have been great to work with. Unlike many construction companies Breyer are putting resource use high up the agenda.”

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