Brick manufacturer ready for 2006 reduction in emissions limits


Source: Casella

A leading brick producer has invested in state of the art equipment that ensures its emissions of fluoride to the atmosphere comply with EC and UK legislation now - and in 2006 when emissions limits are reduced.

thebrickbusiness has taken delivery of a Norsk Electro Optic cross duct HF analyser from Casella ETi that demonstrates that the emissions from the kiln firing process are below the current 10mgm3 limit and will operate down to the 5mgm3 level that will come into force in two years time

Not only has the laser-based analyser enabled thebrickbusiness to demonstrate to Stockport MBS that the HF levels at the Cheadle plant could be continuously maintained at a level below the total fluoride limit, it has assisted in the reduction of the running costs at the abatement plant.

A two-second response time by the NEO instrument has enabled thebrickbusiness to deploy a dynamic forward feed control system that maximises the life of the dry scrubbing medium, ensuring that only the correct proportion of gas passes through the scrubber and so preventing a breach.

To enable HF concentrations to be corrected to the standard conditions, thebrickbusiness have also invested in a Casella ETi oxygen monitor and Cemview, a specialised data logging and reporting package that also logs parameters such as kiln gas temperature, kiln pressure and dust concentration.

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