Brightwork heading for young entrepreneurs award


Brightwork has been nominated for the Young Entrepreneurs Award, organised by networks for young and innovative companies covering the Northern provinces of the Netherlands. The company has reached the finals of this event, in which it will compete with eight other promising companies. Brightwork's main activities are in water-treatment and re-use of wastewater and solid waste from wastewater.

BioTrap is one of the technologies which is currently developed. This technology combines fine screening and biosludge-on-carrier biological conversion to treat domestic and industrial wastewater. The objectives are to generate more energy from wastewater, produce less surplus sludge and to facilitate reuse of components, e.g. phosphates. Brightwork foresees a large international market for this concept. The project is executed in cooperation with VConsyst, Van Hall Larenstein, Schaap Holland and D&M Engineers and supported by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs by the Pieken in de Delta program, with co-support of the Province of Fryslân.

Brightwork B.V. has been set up in 2007 to address environmental challenges in a practical way. The company provides strategic advice to a large number of companies and is involved in coaching companies developing new water-technologies to launch their technologies successfully into the (international) market.

Since 2009 Brightwork has been focusing upon developing new technologies for practical and ready-to-use purposes. The team now consists of seven experts with different backgrounds and cooperates with manufacturers, customers and expertise institutes to speed up the process of converting technology into products. Due to the expertise of Brightwork in (international) marketing of technologies, the chance of commercial success for these new technologies is large.

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