Brine Sprayers On Order With Harsh 2015 Winter Predictions



Newspaper headlines can often be somewhat sensationalist. From The Telegraph’s “Britain braced for long, snowy winter”, to “Shock Weather Warning: Britain faces coldest winter for 50 years” from the Express. But it would seem that the common consensus across most of the media is that we’re in for a brisker winter than last year. For those managing public thoroughfares, driveways, walkways, important tracks, roads and trails, keeping them frost free, snow free and above all, safe, is a number one priority.

Enduramaxx dedicated brine sprayers help make de-icing easy to achieve. With tank capacities ranging from 55 to 700 litres, brine can be transported on a number of specialist mountings. Made to the same high standards as all other Enduramaxx tanks, our brine sprayers are made from very robust, rotationally moulded polyethylene. Each sprayer comes with a 12v pump, 6m hose and metal hand lance, enabling rendering doorways, steps, walkways and even the most inaccessible areas accessible.

So keep an eye out for those harsh weather warnings. But don’t leave it too late to be prepared. Speak to a member of the Enduramaxx team now (click here) to find out more about brine sprayers and keeping public areas safe and ice-free. 

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