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Eriez Magnetics Europe Ltd is proud to announce the launch of the INOX SREX – the strongest permanent magnetic drum separator the world has yet seen – at the forthcoming Recycling and Waste Management Exhibition to be held between 15th to 17th September at the NEC in Birmingham.

The Magnetic Drum, which has been designed for the separation of weakly magnetic fragmented stainless steel, is to take centre stage at the Eriez stand alongside other separation equipment including the RevX Eddy Current Separator, itself only launched onto the market two years ago, and the self-cleaning permanent suspended magnet CP20/80SC2. Also putting in an appearance will be the latest addition to the Eriez metal detector range, series model MA3600 Hawk, launched in 2007.

Requiring minimum maintenance, the ultimate strength INOX SREX drum can separate small ferrous metals and weakly magnetic metals from non-magnetic materials, and its superior strength and robust design ensure high performance in arduous environments. Ideal for use prior to Eddy Current Separators and Metal Sorters, it is available either as an individual unit or as part of a complete metal separation module, and is easily installed into new or existing plants. The benefits to recycling processors are lucrative: greater recovery of metallic waste results in reduced landfill charges and increased profit as the recovered metal can be sold on.

To demonstrate the separation capabilities of both the Magnetic Drum and the RevX Eddy Current Separator (displayed as a single separation module) a special ‘Bring and Test’ invitation together with the offer of a free ticket is being issued to potential visitors ahead of the Exhibition. Eriez’ own specialist Laboratory Technician will be on hand to test samples of typical waste material, and visitors are invited to bring along approximately five to ten kilograms of their sample waste which will be passed over the SREX drum and then onto the ECS, right before their eyes. Seeing is believing. Turning waste into money.

Eriez is recognized as the world leader in advanced technology for magnetic, vibratory and inspection applications, having developed many systems for the Recycling Industry including Eddy Current Separators, a specialist range of Metal Detectors and Suspended Overband Magnets. Eriez manufactures and markets these products through eleven international facilities located on six continents.

Our dedicated team of Sales Engineers look forward to welcoming customers past and present to the Eriez stand 1400 Hall 17 and to assist with any queries during the course of the RWM Exhibition.

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