Bringin` sexy back to shopping, saving, & social responsibility


The first hip, mainstream e-commerce site exclusively for social entrepreneurs has finally arrived! Introducing, a Gen Y-centered 'deal-of-the-day' platform that is ratcheting up the immensely popular daily deal model to benefit socially responsible businesses, non-profits, and online shoppers., scheduled to officially 'hatch' in early September 2010, will make responsible shopping easy, cool, and convenient for all online shoppers, and will serve as a central hub to connect shoppers with social entrepreneurs who use their business model to make a positive change in the world (see: TOMS Shoes, Newman's Own, Ethos Water). will feature one product per day at 50-70% off retail price, on trendy apparel, electronics, shoes, sporting goods, jewelry, accessories, and much more, all produced by inspiring companies that have incorporated social responsibility directly into their business model. Customers will be emailed one deal each day, along with a bio and rating on why the featured company is socially responsible, and how they can take action. Deal Alert emails are free to sign up for, and can be done instantly on's live sign up page located at

Roozt defines Social Entrepreneurship as any venture that harnesses for-profit business to make a positive impact on the world. That is why, for every purchase made on the site, 1% of the total cost will be donated back to the non-profit of the customer's choice. 'Social Entrepreneurship goes far beyond screwing in eco-friendly light bulbs and having a recycle bin. It's about taking action daily and empowering people to live a happy, balanced, and fulfilling life,' said Roozt's Founder & CEO, Brent Freeman. 'All of our featured companies have demonstrated significant strides in their humanitarian, eco-friendly, community, and/or ethical efforts and been verified by Roozt's in-house research team.'

To sweeten the sign up incentive for shoppers, is hosting a Free iPad Sweepstakes for subscribers who refer five friends after signing up themselves prior to the official September launch date. 'primarily caters to a Gen Y demographic that is especially trend-conscious and tech-savvy, and the chance to win a free iPad is a perfect incentive for this generation,' explained Freeman. To enter the iPad Sweepstakes, visit the sign up page at, enter your name and email address, and simply refer five friends on the 'Thank You' page directly after subscribing.

Generation Y members are taking interest in the health of the world around them at an incredible rate and directly incorporating social responsibility into their everyday lives. As they grow into the leading consumer base, this forward-thinking generation will be dictating commercial trends for decades to come. A recent Cone study on Gen Y purchasing habits found that when presented with two brands of equal value and one is attached to good cause, a staggering ninety percent of Gen Y consumers will switch brands to the cause related company. As a result, the upward trend of for-profit companies using their businesses to make a positive change on society is reaching unparalleled heights. The Social Entrepreneur Movement has mushroomed into a $40 billion industry, with 30,000 companies in the US alone, and almost 250 million workers worldwide. The best part is, these numbers are growing everyday.

'We've set out to harness the power of consumerism to make a difference in the world, and prove that making a profit and a difference is not only a realistic business model, but the way all business will be done in 5-10 years,' said Freeman. is proof that this model not only exists, but is thriving all around the country, and its team members are committed to bringing well-deserved national exposure to these organizations. Until now, these inspiring entrepreneurs and business owners were left to fend for themselves. is changing that game completely.

So, what's next for 'Spreading the word!' exclaimed Freeman. 'Our big launch is next month, and we’'re excited to get the word out to people through the press. will show people that they can make a difference without having to change their spending habits.' Not to mention, one lucky subscriber will win a free brand new iPad. Now that’s something to get excited about!

Sign up for Roozt Deal Alerts at and stay tuned for their official launch in early September 2010.

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