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Jim was raised in upstate New York where his first committed sporting endeavor was bow hunting.  Jim has a natural drive to be the best he can be, so when an old timer told him that the key to superior hunting skill was to keep a journal and monitor animal habits and weather conditions, Jim took that advice to heart.

By the time he was 20 Jim had moved into the world of predator fishing and soon was a competing as a successful tournament angler. Jim has now set his sights on a clear goal,  “after placing in 90% of the tournaments I've moved up to the Bassmaster Opens in my pursuit of the Elite Series and my quest to be crowned Bassmaster Champion.”

Jim attributes his upward success in great part to the competitive edge he’s gained from taking that old timer’s advice and faithfully monitoring the ambient atmospheric conditions on-site.  Aside from obvious local weather measurements such as water temperature, air temperature & precipitation, location-specific wind and barometric readings are vital to determining where the fish will be.

“BP is still the most crucial weather related information that you need to study to become better at patterning fish behavior. It is similar to cabin pressure in an airplane and dictates how deep the fish have to go to find a comfortable place to rest.  When the pressure falls it pushes the fish deeper.  The barometric pressure can move while other variables like sun, wind, and temp all remain the same.”

In 2013 Jim joined the leading online weather site, Weather Underground, as a Pro author for the weather/fishing blog, Reel Weather, and began using the RainWise MK-lll-LR weather station onsite to provide the accurate location driven data he requires for his meteorological research and journaling.  Weather Underground provided Jim with an MK-lll-LR because this fully assembled professional grade station is extremely easy to deploy right out-of-the-box, and equipped with the IP-100 network interface, this station is pre-programmed for instant, ‘rapid-fire’ data upload directly to the Weather Underground network.

Using the MK-lll-LR on location provided all the weather data Jim needed during a tournament.  At a recent event where the wind readings were critical, Jim said,

“ I knew my spot would produce fish because I had data that supported that. [when] you know that either the wind will blow from the west so this spot will be good, or there’s a north wind so this spot won’t be good but this one will be…  that’s the benefit of having my weather station…I gained knowledge from that unit that was invaluable, and I  learned how to interpret that knowledge for future events.”

The RainWise MK-lll-LR weather station transmits local data in real time to the cloud via the Rainwise.net online portal and theWeather Underground Personal Weather Station Network.  Both of these cloud-based platforms offer hand-held device apps for mobile access, a necessary feature for continuous data access, anywhere, anytime.  Jim uses the Weather Underground App, which allows him total access to that crucial data at all times:

“The more that I keep gathering data, the better I'm getting at figuring out how bass relate to weather conditions in every body of water. If you start gathering your own data, you can start to see results almost immediately, but those results will only get better over time. Not only will you be able to have the ability to look back at what worked in the past, but it'll help you formulate your game plan when you use your Weather Underground App, which predicts the bp throughout the day. This allows me to know what to expect before I launch the boat.”

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