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Briones Says Clean Technologies Will Eliminate And Reuse Waste Not Just Manage Them


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Since the agenda of Zero Waste Philippines is total elimination and reused of waste, the project will utilize Clean Technologies that are patented and proven that comply with strict Philippine Environmental laws. This was recently announced by Ruth P. Briones, Lead Convenor of the Zero Waste Philippines’ Project and Chair of Greenergy Solutions.

Briones, who recently launched  the  Zero  Waste  Project disclosed that Greenergy Solutions (Greenergy)  had entered into partnership with leading waste treatment  technology and engineering companies worldwide to enable it to engage for the Zero Waste technology requirements which will be in tune with alternative energy sources trends and market needs.

Waste-to-energy two-staged thermal  gasifiers will be installed in some provinces within the next five(5) years for Greenergy's  Zero Waste Projects.

By employing clean technologies on waste management, the concept of  waste as “rubbish” or “garbage”   will then be changed into “ rubbish”  as   ‘resource’  in the normal course of life. The potential of reduced costs, increased profits, and reduced environmental impacts are found when returning these “residual products” or “resources” as feedstock to  either natural and   industrial systems.

She noted that the solid waste generation ranges between 0.5 kg to 0.71 kg per capita per day with a total annual waste projected generation of 14.0 Million tons in 2010. In Metro Manila where the population density is 63 times the national waste, the estimated daily per capita waste generation is 0.66 kg. Briones added that the solid waste management in the Philippines is in crisis of which the resulting impact is significant and immediate.


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