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Briones Says The Patented Batch Oxidation System (BOS) Is A Zero Waste Technology


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“The Batch Oxidation System is the most environmentally sound method for waste disposal at the same time as alternative source of clean energy that are allowed under Philippine Environmental Laws and the Renewable Energy Law.”

Ruth P. Briones, the Lead Convenor of the Zero Waste Movement and Chair of Greenergy Solutions ( presented during the Environmental Media Workshop in Manila, the process of  the Batch Oxidation System or the patented and proven BOS technology  that  complies to the requirements of a technology that would treat and dispose all varied kinds of waste.

 The Zero Waste Project, Briones said urgently needs a clean technology that would eliminate the annual generated 14.0 Million tons of waste in the Philippines and the Batch System was designed as a low emission and low labor approach to small and medium-scale solid waste disposal. Noting that this clean technology utilizes a gasification process which thermally converts waste products into a burnable gas which is a two-stage process providing the lowest possible emissions. 

Briones discussed  during the workshop the advantages and benefits of the BOS technology, as the only waste thermal gasifier that has been patented, proven and permitted under the US Environment Protection Administration (EPA) and European and UK environmental standards. Noting that the BOS technology has been proven and working for more than ten years all over the world, it has been improved as zero waste technology at the same time generate alternative source of  clean energy.

 The unique modular BOSTM allows for flexibility of design, easy installation, and ease of operation.  With capacities from 1 to 150 tonnes per day of waste processing, the patented BOS is ideal for small municipalities and private industries.  By adding thermal recovery equipment, the hot effluent gas from the BOSTM can be used to produce steam and electricity.

The Waste2Energy, Inc. ( owns the world patent of the patented  BOS.  This technology had references  working worldwide and with recent technology research improvement to produce a clean technology that would comply with the requirements under the Kyoto Protocol.

Briones, a zero waste expert had noted the advantages of the BOS system as: No expensive preparation of the waste is required - everything goes into the BOSTM just as it comes off the garbage truck; Wide range of waste materials acceptable - including tires; Low temperature gasification in a sealed unit produces syngas economically and minimizes fly-ash and Nox; Gasification reduces waste to an inert ash with a weight reduction of up to 95% ;High-temperature secondary oxidation ensures clean emissions, and; Modular construction of units handling from 1 tonne to 150 ton per day. (


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