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Powerful transient modeling software to help leading uk utility improve decision making and strengthen infrastructure

Broomfield, Colorado USA -- Innovyze, a leading global innovator of wet infrastructure modeling and simulation software and technologies, today announced that Bristol Water, United Kingdom, has selected Innovyze InfoWorks TS as its modeling solution for transient analysis of its potable water system. The selection equips Bristol Water with the industry’s fastest, most comprehensive and widely acclaimed pressure surge analysis application. The news also reflects Innovyze’s vanguard position in the water industry and its continuing commitment to delivering pioneering technology for enhancing the safety and reliability of the world’s water supply.

Bristol Water, formed in 1846, serves over one million people in the City of Bristol, England, and its surrounding areas, covering approximately 930 square miles (2400 square kilometers). Its system contains 4100 miles (6600 km) of mains, 164 pumping stations and 139 storage reservoirs with an average daily supply of 75 MGD (282 million liters per day). Its treatment techniques vary from the normal microstraining and sand filtration to the latest technology, including ozone disinfection and granular activated carbon filtration. The company can also boast some of the lowest levels of leakage in the country, with almost half a million gallons (2 million liters) a day saved through its leakage prevention program.

InfoWorks TS gives Bristol Water a powerful tool for continued optimization of its infrastructure. Anticipating and controlling transient response is critical to ensuring the protection, integrity, and effective/efficient operation of water distribution systems. Transient responses can introduce pressures of sufficient magnitude (upsurge) to burst pipes and damage equipment. The resulting repercussions can include extended service outages and loss of property and life. Transient responses can also produce subatmospheric pressures (downsurge) that can force contaminated groundwater into the distribution system at a leaky joint, crack or break, leading to grave health consequences. Sustained subatmospheric pressures may also lead to cavitation and water column separation, resulting in severe “water hammer” effects as the vapor cavity collapses.

The state-of-the-art, full-featured InfoWorks TS transient flow analysis solution addresses every facet of pressure surge analysis and its role in utility infrastructure management and protection, delivering the highest rate of return in the industry. It provides the engineer-friendly framework needed to quickly assess the effects of pump station power failures, pump startup, valve closures, rapid demand and pump speed changes, and the efficacy of any combination of surge protection devices. The software also accurately simulates transient cavitation and water column separation, evaluates their intensity, and estimates their potential effects on the system.

Armed with this information, water utilities can more accurately predict the development of unacceptable operating conditions in their distribution systems, identify vulnerable areas and risks, evaluate and design sound protective measures, and determine improved operational plans and security upgrades. InfoWorks TS also delivers blazing simulation speed, making transient analysis an even easier and more enjoyable task.

“Water utilities around the world rely on Innovyze’s end-to-end modeling and design solutions to manage and operate better, more reliable and safer systems,” said Andrew Brown, Innovyze Regional Manager EMEA Operations. “By augmenting our popular InfoWorks WS with powerful hydraulic transient modeling capabilities, we have created a comprehensive toolkit for the waterworks engineer. We are proud to see this solution being rapidly adopted by leading utilities throughout the UK and the rest of the world — and honored to support Bristol Water in optimizing its infrastructure.”

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