Brothers Work Together to Rid Homes of Junk Mail and Save the Environment


Source: 41pounds.org

Ferndale, Mich.—Did you know that the average adult receives 41 pounds of junk mail per year?

With over 62 billion pieces (four million tons) of junk mail being produced annually, imagine what all of that waste is doing to the environment.

Three Ferndale, Mich. brothers know, and have combined their efforts to eliminate both problems with the same solution, forming a company appropriately named 41pounds.org. For one-time fee of only $41.00, 41pounds.org will help eliminate 80-95% of the junk mail that a household receives for a five-year period.

“41pounds.org is our version of the ‘do not call’ list, but for your mailbox,” said Sander DeVries, who started the company with his brothers Shane and Tim Pfannes. “Basically, our job is to contact the 30-plus direct marketing and bulk mailers located throughout the country to get your name off their distribution lists and make sure that your home will not continue to be deluged by unwanted solicitations.”

By eliminating junk mail, 41pounds.org’s services can play a role in improving three other areas of their customers’ lives. For openers, no junk mail means not receiving unsolicited credit card applications, thus strengthening their personal security. Secondly, most cities pay for waste disposal by the pound and bulk mail is the primary content of a household’s garbage. Finally, it is estimated that people spend an average of eight hours per year dealing with unwanted mail solicitations.

The results from an environmental standpoint are even greater. Since opening for business in June, 41pounds.org’s efforts have already saved 170 trees and 70,000 gallons of water. Its services have also prevented 46,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from being released into the air.

41pounds.org is also active in the local community, donating half of its proceeds to non-profit organizations such as charities, environmental groups, churches, clubs and schools. In fact, several have already taken advantage of selling 41pounds.org’s services and are using this as a fundraising activity, including the New Haven High School football team and Leukemia Lymphoma Team in Training.

“The great thing about these organizations using 41pounds.org to help raise money is that it also gives us the opportunity to bring awareness to important environmental and security issues,” said Tim Pfannes. “When it comes down to it, it is one good cause helping another good cause.”

For more information on 41pounds.org, please go to www.41pounds.org or call Sander DeVries at 866-417-4141.

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