BRS Robotic 2.0


Source: Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions

The world’s first automated QC sorter

Maximising the value of recovered materials is our business  but sorting of material has always required some degree of manual sorting.

Our solution is the BRS Robotic 2.0  to minimize your required manual labour. This fully automated quality sorter is the next generation in high-precision sorting intelligence, designed to increase the efficiency and lower the cost of waste separation. Bollegraaf ’s BRS Robotic 2.0 is the fastest, precise and the strongest robotic waste sorting solution available in the market. One robot can make up to 4,000 picks per hour. A typical installation with four robot arms makes up to 12,000 picks per hour and is operated in two shifts. 

The BRS Robotic is a fully automated sorting robot capable of sorting and separating valuables such as plastics during the final stages of a waste sorting process. Materials selection only requires the touch of a button. This fully automated robot is able to pick multiple kinds of plastics, such as PET, PE HDPE, LDPE and PS, as well as Tetra Pak, OCC or paper of various shapes and sizes.  It delivers high levels of purity during the final stages of quality control, resulting in a significantly higher value of output.  Achieve higher rates of purity and better separation quality than ever before.

The system is equipped with near-infrared technology and height detection. One detection module operates up to ten sorting modules, with up to 72 picks/min for maximum separation. The system can sort intermittently or continuously, regardless of working conditions on site, and requires little  monitoring  and  maintenance. Its flexible, modular configuration enables you to choose the number of sorting units required and simultaneously sort up to 4 different materials per module. The system’s flexibility allows you to change material waste streams, so you can adapt to, for instance, changes in commodity prices.

The low energy consumption combined with savings on manual labour makes this system a highly cost-efficient solution and leaves you with pure, re-sellable recyclables. Discover how the BRS Robotic 2.0 can help you to sort the desired materials and reach the desired return on investment.

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